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Working Groups

The research activities of REWERSE are organised in 8 Working Groups (WG) the work plans of which are Workpackages. Working Groups of two kinds are foreseen, on Web issues and on Web applications, so as to consider both, principles and applications.

Working Groups on Web issues

I1 Rule Markup Languages
Gerd Wagner (Cottbus)
Grigoris Antoniou (Heraklion)
I2 Policy Specification, Composition, and Conformance
Piero A. Bonatti (Naples)
Norbert E. Fuchs (Zurich)
I3 Composition and Typing
Uwe Aßmann (Dresden)
Włodzimierz Drabent (Warsaw)
I4 Reasoning-Aware Querying
François Bry (Munich)
Massimo Marchiori (Venice)
I5 Evolution and Reactivity
José Júlio Alves Alferes (Lisbon)
Wolfgang May (Göttingen)

Working Groups on advanced Web applications

A1 Web-based Decision Support for Event, Temporal, and Geographical Data
Hans Jürgen Ohlbach (Munich)
Slim Abdennadher (Cairo)
A2 Towards a Bioinformatics Semantic Web
Michael Schroeder (Dresden)
Rolf Backofen (Freiburg)
A3 Personalised Information Systems
Nicola Henze (Hannover)
Alberto Martelli (Turin)

The Working Groups on Web issues cover all of the complementary issues that are relevant to REWERSE's research objectives: WG I1 addresses unifying the markup and the development tools of Web reasoning languages; WG I2 addresses specifying, composing, and enforcing  policies  (as expressed e.g. with so-called  business rules ) in advanced Web systems and applications; WG I3 addresses the interoperability of Web software; WG I4 aims at integrating reasoning capabilities within Web query and transformation languages; WG I5 addresses specifying the updates of data in Web information systems. Thus, all issues of Web-based systems are addressed: data retrieval is addressed in WG I4, data updating in WG I5, system specifications in WG I2, software system realisation in WG I3, and syntax and syntax-driven tools in WG I1.

The Working Groups on advanced Web applications offer a well-balanced choice of complementary, advanced applications: WG A1 investigates common-sense forms of reasoning that are relevant to most advanced and adaptive Web systems, i.e. reasoning with events, time, and locations; WG A2 is devoted to a particularly active and creative application field of the Web; WG A3 is devoted to Web systems that currently are among the most promising ones.

Synergy between Working Groups will take place first through the application-oriented Working Groups where members of different issue-oriented Working Groups will meet and work together, second through direct thematic interactions between the issue-oriented Working Groups. In addition to the above-mentioned workpackages  Working Groups , REWERSE has three workpackages, called "Activities" aiming at the dissemination of knowledge.

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