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REWERSE has the following workpackages, called  "Activities", aiming at the dissemination of knowledge.

ET University Education and Training

Jan Małuszynski (Linköping)
Norbert Eisinger (Munich)
TTA Technology Transfer and Awareness

Tim Geisler (WebXcerpt)
Sara Carro Martínez (Telefonica)
PRA Presentation, Reviewing and Assessment

Uta Schwertel (Munich)
François Bry (Munich)
STD Standardization

Paula-Lavinia Pătrânjan (Munich)

These workpackages complement the Working Groups, i.e. the workpackages mainly devoted to research and application. The goal of the Activities is to spread excellence throughout the European region and outside of it in a way that guarantees a durable effect.

The long range objective of the Workpackage ET  "University Education and Training"  is to influence the structure the European university education on the Semantic Web at graduate and doctoral levels. The work will be a part of the joint effort with Network of Excellence Knowledge Web.

The long range objectives of Workpackage TTA  "Technology Transfer and Awareness are" the creation of durable infrastructure for industrial education on Semantic Web issues and the creation of durable channels of dissemination of knowledge on Web reasoning and rules to the research community outside of REWERSE.

The activity PRA "Presentation, Reviewing and Assessment"  is devoted to presentation of REWERSE to the scientific and IT professional communities as well as to a wide audience of potentially interested people, internal monitoring and reviewing of the work pursued in the various workpackages of REWERSE, internal quality assessment of the work done in REWERSE's workpackages.

The standardization activity is mainly devoted to promoting outcomes of REWERSE's research within standardization organizations (such as the W3C), providing feedback towards REWERSE on standardization organizations' work that are relevant to REWERSE Working Groups and realizing the technology watch within standardization organizations and the REWERSE project.

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