Technology Transfer


Technology Transfer and Awareness

Our work aimed at promoting REWERSE technologies in the European industry. Main activities consisted of informing and teaching about REWERSE working groups and results in the form of general public relations activities, specific targeted events and educational offers. To support those activities and to spread the use of reasoning techniques in advanced Web applications and systems, co-operations were initiated and fostered. The Technology Tranfer and Awareness activity was co-ordinated and managed by Andrea Kulas, Dunja Ewinger, Tim Geisler (webXcerpt Software GmbH) and Sara Carro-Martínez (Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo).

Main durable and visible achievements:

•  REASE - The Repository of the European Association for Semantic Web Education, an e-learning infrastructure for Semantic Web education developed in co-operation with the activitiy Education and Training and the Network of Excellence KnowledgeWeb.

•  Tutorials on REWERSE topics for professionals (Please consult the websites of the working groups or the final deliverable (public report) about this activity).

•  Several major events in the form of the "Semantic Web Days" series. For more information please consult the Semantic Web Days Portal.

•  Collateral material promoting REWERSE and its working groups.

•  Publicly available reports giving an overview of the work and activities carried out by the Technology Transfer and Awareness activity group.

Resources for further information:

Please consult the main website of REWERSE and the individual websites of the working groups for more information.

An overview of technologies, tools and systems developed in REWERSE can be found in the technologies section.

Further contact possibilities:

•  Individual researchers of the working groups

•  Project co-ordinator

•  Tim Geisler (webXcerpt Software GmbH)




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