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WG I2  is a working group of the network of excellence


Objectives. The main goal of WG I2 has been developing methodologies, languages, and tools for specifying, enforcing, and integrating heterogeneous policies.  Different kinds of policies have been considered, including security policies, privacy policies, business rules, usage policies, and so on.  WG I2 tackled the problem of reaching an appropriate level of trust in systems and users under the extreme flexibility and interoperability requirements posed by modern business models, application scenarios, and software architectures.

The group's research covered a wide range of related topics, such as
  • policy languages for access control and sensitive information release
  • semantic web policies
  • trust negotiation
  • cooperative enforcement and usability issues
  • controlled natural language specifications
  • explanation facilities
  • policy validation
The formulation and automated processing of controlled natural language specifications with formal semantics (which turned out to be of interest to several other working groups in REWERSE) has become a major research track within the WG.

Results. At the end of the project, the main results of WG I2 include
  • The trust negotiation framework Protune (formal framework and prototype)
  • The 2nd generation explanation facility Protune-X (for documenting policies and negotiations)
  • Innovative results on negotiation strategies and policy comparison
  • The ACE (Attempto Controlled English) parser and reasoner for controlled natural language specification, featuring a number of tools (for assisting formulation, interfacing OWL, etc.)
  • A rich set of theoretical results on ACE decidability, embeddability, etc.
  • Didactic material on semantic web policies
  • Use cases for the W3C RIF (Rule Interchange Format) standardization group

A summary of the potential benefits of using Protune is here. A typical use case for Protune can be found on an early flier of WG I2. The complete information on ACE can be found on the Attempto web site.

WG coordinator: Piero A. Bonatti, University of Naples "Federico II"
NLP research coordinator: Norbert E. Fuchs, University of Zurich
Protune system project
Daniel Olmedilla, Hannover University and L3S

Coordinator unit: Sezione di Informatica - Dip. Di Scienze Fisiche - Universita' di Napoli Federico II

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